Art Fart

So, January seems to have flown by…Oops…

To make up for the lack of updates here’s some old, but still kinda recent, sketchbook doodles.

Sketches drawn on the same page, with different dates. Sometimes it takes a me a while to come back to a particular page and fill the empty space. Jena, on the left, pushed the red button and killed millions and billions of people. On the right, an eye, a female face, and a classic character of mine named Yash.

In-class sketches; again note the differing dates (and pen colors!). Mix of life and imagination doodles. Personally, I love the pink foot in the upper left corner and, in the lower left corner, the face of a classmate.


I tend to draw lot’s of tiny little fashion figures. I suppose that’s why it takes me so long to fill a sketch page. My favorite among these gals is the girl residing at the very top…Though I’m also digging the larger figure at the bottom…


Mostly mind drawings here. Again, different dates on the same page. I do like it when I mash differing days artwork together on the same page, if only for the benefit of varying pen colors. Guy at the top right corner is a redo of a random character drawn years and years ago. In fact, click here and here to see his original “portraits.” Yea, always fun to look at really old artwork and realize that you actually have improved over the years…

Lady in the right bottom corner is another original character, from one of the many stories I will probably never get around to writing because…let’s face it…I can be a bit of a procrastinator.


That’s all for now. Next update will either consist of more sketchbook work or some new photographs. So, stay tuned! =)


Better Late Than Never!

It’s about time I did a sketch update!

These are actually not all that recent, but not all that old either. I’m really bad about scanning in my work on a timely schedule, so there tends to be just a bit of lag between what I’m currently working on in my sketchbook and what I have saved as a more shareable digital file.

Ok, enough blabbering, onto the actual art!

Burger Boy

A teeny, tiny little sketch of an old super hero character of mine known as Burger Boy. Yes, Burger Boy has boobs…and hips…and might not actually be a boy…

Butcher Dude

Another tiny little sketch of another original character. I imagine him as some sort of crazy, homicidal butcher.

Sailor Moon & Trunks

Every now and then I love to slip back in time and draw some fanart. Trunks, from Dragon Ball Z, on top and Sailor Moon down below.

Sketch Book Page 3-13-11

A full sketch page. There were enough individual drawings on this page that I liked, so I decided to show the entire page rather than cutting out what I did like (that’s code for: I am a ┬álazy ass). A nice mixture of life drawing (yes former classmates, this is why I was often staring at you like a stalker) and imagination craziness.

That’s all folks!