Ballroom Games

Hey hey! Back with a weekly update!

I’ve added a new piece of animation to the Film & Animation page! Crazy, right? I mean, it makes far too much sense to place something in the correct category, no?

Stop making bad jokes, or else…

You can now find information and pictures from Ballroom Games on the aforementioned page, under the year 2008. You can also be ultra-cool and go watch this old little school project of mine on YouTube!

That’s all for now, see you soon! =)


Artist Spotlight : Monkey Sprinkle

Welcome to the first Artist Spotlight post! That’s right, I’m taking time to showcase the work of other amazing artists!

I choose you, Monkey Sprinkle, to be the first artist I highlight!

Monkey Sprinkle, aka Ann Sprinkle, is the Sock Monkey Queen. Seriously, she’s building an army of cute & cuddly family fun. Enter her domain and you will be greeted (and watched) by a great many delightful fabric creatures.

Monkey Army

Ann and her monkeys reside at the following sites:

Now, there are lot’s of sock monkeys out there, but Ann’s are really something special. Each little guy or gal is handmade with love and affection in a pet free environment (yay for not having to worry about allergens!). The time, effort, and thoughtful consideration Ann places in the creation of every Monkey shines through with their unique personalities.

Daydream MonkeyDay Dream Monkey

 Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey

 Disco Monkey

Disco Monkey


Ann has even ventured into the land of sock monkey themed cup cozies!

Sock Monkey Cozy

Sock Monkey Cozy

I highly suggest checking out Ann’s blog and Facebook page to stay abreast of her latest sock monkey adventures.

And even more than that, I suggest heading on over to her Etsy shop to buy a monkey. You can choose from the available one-of-a-kind designs or you can custom order your own monkey. Seriously, how cool is that?

Custom Monkeys

Customize Your Monkey!


So, go give this awesome artist some love!


The Monster Says “Hi.”

Well, hot damn. I’ve got an illustration update! How weird is that?

I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done a “complete” illustration. I spend most of my time these days just sketching, because frankly…I love to just sit and draw…I’m addicted to the initial creation process…

Hi.This is my monster. He/She/It is cute. I love my monster very much.

The whole concept for this friendly creature bounced around in my head for a long while…until finally one day I made a composite image and decided to ink and color it in Illustrator. I think half the time spent working on this piece revolved around me re-familiarizing myself with Illustrator. In all honesty, I’ve always been a Photoshop girl…Yet, my little monster cried out for birth via vectors and the rest is history…

Composite Monster

This is the composite monster. Yes, yes…my sweet little monster started out as a couple of brightly colored pen sketches that were then smooshed together to create a generally pleasing composition.

This is like a mini-process post…except not really…Though you do get a sense of how I go from point A to B…kinda…except…not really…

Anywho! You can find this cute little monster on a variety of gift related items at my Zazzle Store!

Enjoy! =)