Stark Beauty – Zazzle’s Best

I recently opened up a new Zazzle store featuring my photography work. My plan was to post about the opening of the site once I had more content up, but then something changed my mind…

On Saturday my canvas print of “Stark Beauty” appeared on Zazzle’s “Today’s Best” page for September 15th, 2012. Needless to say I was surprised and excited! =)

This is the second time I’ve received this little honor, the first being bestowed upon my lovely “Hi. – Monster” mousepad.


And below are the other images I have up in the store right now.

Hopefully, I’ll be adding a few more photographs and products later this week.

Until the next time….



Photography: What is Beauty?

Yes, I am back from the dead once again! I’m currently working on some changes for this site, both in terms of content and layout. While you wait I urge you to head on over to my friend David Sprinkle’s photography blog and read an intriguing post on beauty and photography entitled “Watches the Watchers.”

Beauty in Photography

In this particular post David analyzes his style of model based photography after receiving a somewhat harsh critique regarding his lighting and posing techniques. He then submits the following questions to his audience:

“Is it a photographer’s responsibility to make their subjects as sexually attractive as possible at all times? If we remove sex from the equation, and assume some sort of hypothetical beauty without sexuality, is it a photographer’s duty to maintain that beauty at all times?” -David Sprinkle

I highly suggest taking a journey through Pulse Depravity to become fully acquainted with David’s visually stark work. Then, go to his post and leave your answer to his thought provoking examination.

An Update!?!?! WTFOMGLOLZ!?!

It’s a content update folks!

Yea, I know…it’s been a while…

Anywho, the Film page is FINALLY live! Yay! Right now only my most recent film related work is posted, but I hope to get some older movies up in the near future.

Also, one new photo was added to the Portfolio section of the site. You can either head over there or simply look below this text to see one of my personal favorite photographs.

This is one of those perfect shots…the kind where you open the file in Lightroom and realize that the photo is perfect straight out of the camera… <3


Life is busy with work and film projects, but I really do hope to have another update here soon. Until then…Enjoy! =)


Art Fart

So, January seems to have flown by…Oops…

To make up for the lack of updates here’s some old, but still kinda recent, sketchbook doodles.

Sketches drawn on the same page, with different dates. Sometimes it takes a me a while to come back to a particular page and fill the empty space. Jena, on the left, pushed the red button and killed millions and billions of people. On the right, an eye, a female face, and a classic character of mine named Yash.

In-class sketches; again note the differing dates (and pen colors!). Mix of life and imagination doodles. Personally, I love the pink foot in the upper left corner and, in the lower left corner, the face of a classmate.


I tend to draw lot’s of tiny little fashion figures. I suppose that’s why it takes me so long to fill a sketch page. My favorite among these gals is the girl residing at the very top…Though I’m also digging the larger figure at the bottom…


Mostly mind drawings here. Again, different dates on the same page. I do like it when I mash differing days artwork together on the same page, if only for the benefit of varying pen colors. Guy at the top right corner is a redo of a random character drawn years and years ago. In fact, click here and here to see his original “portraits.” Yea, always fun to look at really old artwork and realize that you actually have improved over the years…

Lady in the right bottom corner is another original character, from one of the many stories I will probably never get around to writing because…let’s face it…I can be a bit of a procrastinator.


That’s all for now. Next update will either consist of more sketchbook work or some new photographs. So, stay tuned! =)


Artist Spotlight : Monkey Sprinkle

Welcome to the first Artist Spotlight post! That’s right, I’m taking time to showcase the work of other amazing artists!

I choose you, Monkey Sprinkle, to be the first artist I highlight!

Monkey Sprinkle, aka Ann Sprinkle, is the Sock Monkey Queen. Seriously, she’s building an army of cute & cuddly family fun. Enter her domain and you will be greeted (and watched) by a great many delightful fabric creatures.

Monkey Army

Ann and her monkeys reside at the following sites:

Now, there are lot’s of sock monkeys out there, but Ann’s are really something special. Each little guy or gal is handmade with love and affection in a pet free environment (yay for not having to worry about allergens!). The time, effort, and thoughtful consideration Ann places in the creation of every Monkey shines through with their unique personalities.

Daydream MonkeyDay Dream Monkey

 Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey

 Disco Monkey

Disco Monkey


Ann has even ventured into the land of sock monkey themed cup cozies!

Sock Monkey Cozy

Sock Monkey Cozy

I highly suggest checking out Ann’s blog and Facebook page to stay abreast of her latest sock monkey adventures.

And even more than that, I suggest heading on over to her Etsy shop to buy a monkey. You can choose from the available one-of-a-kind designs or you can custom order your own monkey. Seriously, how cool is that?

Custom Monkeys

Customize Your Monkey!


So, go give this awesome artist some love!


Zazzle – Today’s Best

It seems that my cute little monster was chosen for Zazzle‘s Today’s Best.

So, I go to check my e-mail and find a comment from a Zazzle user (mind you this is the first comment that I have ever received on any one of my products). The comment states:

Congratulations! This design has been added to TBA – Zazzles Today’s Best Awards Website  Please feel free to take a look.

Honestly, I thought it was some sort of spam-virus type thing…Then I did some hard core investigating (ok, so I did a couple of Google searches) and found out that the website and “award” were legitimate.

Basically Zazzle employees choose between 25-30 designs a day (from the thousands of submissions received on a daily basis) that they like and denote the chosen products as the “best” for the day. They are posted on both the Zazzle site and Zazzle Sellers TBA blog.

Kinda cool to know that someone out there really liked my little monster. =)


The Monster Says “Hi.”

Well, hot damn. I’ve got an illustration update! How weird is that?

I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done a “complete” illustration. I spend most of my time these days just sketching, because frankly…I love to just sit and draw…I’m addicted to the initial creation process…

Hi.This is my monster. He/She/It is cute. I love my monster very much.

The whole concept for this friendly creature bounced around in my head for a long while…until finally one day I made a composite image and decided to ink and color it in Illustrator. I think half the time spent working on this piece revolved around me re-familiarizing myself with Illustrator. In all honesty, I’ve always been a Photoshop girl…Yet, my little monster cried out for birth via vectors and the rest is history…

Composite Monster

This is the composite monster. Yes, yes…my sweet little monster started out as a couple of brightly colored pen sketches that were then smooshed together to create a generally pleasing composition.

This is like a mini-process post…except not really…Though you do get a sense of how I go from point A to B…kinda…except…not really…

Anywho! You can find this cute little monster on a variety of gift related items at my Zazzle Store!

Enjoy! =)


Better Late Than Never!

It’s about time I did a sketch update!

These are actually not all that recent, but not all that old either. I’m really bad about scanning in my work on a timely schedule, so there tends to be just a bit of lag between what I’m currently working on in my sketchbook and what I have saved as a more shareable digital file.

Ok, enough blabbering, onto the actual art!

Burger Boy

A teeny, tiny little sketch of an old super hero character of mine known as Burger Boy. Yes, Burger Boy has boobs…and hips…and might not actually be a boy…

Butcher Dude

Another tiny little sketch of another original character. I imagine him as some sort of crazy, homicidal butcher.

Sailor Moon & Trunks

Every now and then I love to slip back in time and draw some fanart. Trunks, from Dragon Ball Z, on top and Sailor Moon down below.

Sketch Book Page 3-13-11

A full sketch page. There were enough individual drawings on this page that I liked, so I decided to show the entire page rather than cutting out what I did like (that’s code for: I am a  lazy ass). A nice mixture of life drawing (yes former classmates, this is why I was often staring at you like a stalker) and imagination craziness.

That’s all folks!




Decorate Your Feet!

Time for another post!

Below are two of my most recent shoe designs. The first is a high top Keds sneaker featuring a b&w photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. The second pair is imprinted with a downward view from one of the upper levels at San Jose’s city hall.


These two photographs can be found in their unadultered state in the portfolio section of this site.

Also, if you click the link “MRC@Zazzle,” to the right of this body of text, you can find alternative priniting options for the above images (posters, postcards, canvas prints, etc.) and various shoe designs embelished with more of my artwork .


“Hi Everybody!”

“Hi Dr. Nick!”

I never tire of using old Simpson’s quotes……

If you’re here then you’ve stumbled upon my new art blog! Hooray!

To get things rolling (ie figure out how to use this new fangled technology) I’m going to post some oldies, but goodies, from my recent art past!

MRC - Jack of All Trades

David Sprinkle - Angry Overlord

The Goarog!