2011 – 2009


Witch’s Reign

Synopsis: A vengeful witch hunts down and corners a young priest. Their epic battle ensues only to be cut short by a rather unexpected interruption. Things are not what they seem in this campy-comedy horror flick.

Rolls: Writer – Actor – First Asst. Director – Asst. Editor

Websites: YouTubeFacebook, and IMDB

Screenings: 3 Day Film Challenge, San Jose Short Film Festival – 2011


The Monkey’s Paw

Synopsis: A family acquires a cursed monkey’s paw that grants 3 wishes. Based on the short story written by W.W. Jacobs.

Roll: Actor

Special Note: This is a silent film with music and sound effects. All dialogue appears on title cards.

Websites: YouTube



Needs of the Many

Synopsis: In this music video a group of nerds mourns the untimely death of their beloved PS3 gaming machine.

Roll: Actor

Websites: YouTube