Film & Animation


-Pulling double duty as Actress and Director of Photography on the web series Aethereal.

-Working on a Steampunk Noir and a science fiction screenplay with the lovely Elizabeth Hatcher.


I Remember – Pulse Depravity

Synopsis: Is love a matter of life and death? Can we be reborn? This music video explores the worst of love from an optomistic point of view.

Roll: Actor

Websites: YouTube, bandcamp, and the Pulse Depravity website.



Witch’s Reign

Synopsis: A vengeful witch hunts down and corners a young priest. Their epic battle ensues only to be cut short by a rather unexpected interruption. Things are not what they seem in this campy-comedy horror flick.

Rolls: Writer – Actor – First Asst. Director – Asst. Editor

Websites: YouTubeFacebook, and IMDB

Screenings: 3 Day Film Challenge, San Jose Short Film Festival – 2011

The Monkey’s Paw

Synopsis: A family acquires a cursed monkey’s paw that grants 3 wishes. Based on the short story written by W.W. Jacobs.

Roll: Actor

Special Note: This is a silent film with music and sound effects. All dialogue appears on title cards.

Websites: YouTube



Needs of the Many

Synopsis: In this music video a group of nerds mourns the untimely death of their beloved PS3 gaming machine.

Roll: Actor

Websites: YouTube



Ballroom Games

Synopsis: A friendly yellow marble gets bullied by some mean bouncy balls when he attempts to join in their card game. Discouraged, but not defeated, he finds a way to get their attention and show them who’s boss.

Special Notes: This was a project for a Maya animation/modeling class at San Jose State University, back in the Fall of 2008. The purpose of the assignment was to create a ball bounce animation that included a nice little story. We had a total of two weeks to complete the film from initial idea to finished product.

Role: Creator – Animator – Writer

Websites: YouTube


Delicious Treats

Synopsis: A mouse gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to eat a  lone cupcake.

Special Notes: My first and only 2-D animated short. This was the final project for an animation class I took while attending San Jose State University. It is hand drawn and contains no sound.

Roll: Creator – Animator – Writer

Websites: YouTube



The Many Adventures of Martin T. Bear

Synopsis: A young woman named Sarah is going away to college and leaving her childhood behind, including her teddy bear named Martin. Determined not to be forgotten Martin embarks on a journey that will lead him back into the hands, and packing box, of his beloved owner.

Special Notes: This is an old student film that my film partner Elizabeth Hatcher and I made while attending De Anza College. It is combination of live-action footage and stop motion animation. It was shot in b&w, on 16mm film, using an old Bolex camera.

Roll: Actor – Animator – Editor – Writer

Websites: YouTube