So once there was an update…

So, it’s been just a little over a week since my last update…

Ok, that’s a lie…

It’s been like two months since my last update.

There, I was honest. Are you happy now?


Anywho, I’m back with an update! No new content, but I have taken the time to get all of the galleries back online! Yay! Also, I’ve rearranged the structure of the site by removing the portfolio page and replacing it with two new pages: Illustration and Photography.

Life’s been really busy, but I do hope to have new photography and illustration work up in the next few weeks!

Until the next time…



Tumblr Account

I’ve gone and created a Tumblr account! Click here or the image below to head over there and see my most recent work.  =)

MRC @ Tumblr

I’ll be posting more art here too in the near future. I’m using the Tumblr as a sketch dump right now…which is easy-breezy-fun…or something….


Figuring It All Out

So, I find myself getting used to this whole WordPress thing. I have to say, it’s quite handy…once you know what the hell you’re doing. 😉

The site is slowly, but surely coming together. For instance, the portfolio section now has some actual work!

I have tons of sketches to scan and post…let’s hope I get around to doing that within the next couple of days!

Until the next time…

Stay thirsty my friends!