Rocking Out

Time for another “product” update! That’s right, I’ve got some fun new shoes up in the Zazzle store!

First, let’s take a look at the original photograph.

Riverbed Rocks

Now, let’s check out the shoes…

Rocking Out kedsshoe





I originally planned to use the unaltered image of the river rocks, but as I played around in Photoshop and got my art groove on I fell in love with more “abstract” versions of the photo to put on the shoes. I will probably upload the original work and sell it as a print at a later time…maybe even as a shoe…we shall see….

You can also find the green and orange rocks on other various fun products at my Zazzle store.


Better Late Than Never!

It’s about time I did a sketch update!

These are actually not all that recent, but not all that old either. I’m really bad about scanning in my work on a timely schedule, so there tends to be just a bit of lag between what I’m currently working on in my sketchbook and what I have saved as a more shareable digital file.

Ok, enough blabbering, onto the actual art!

Burger Boy

A teeny, tiny little sketch of an old super hero character of mine known as Burger Boy. Yes, Burger Boy has boobs…and hips…and might not actually be a boy…

Butcher Dude

Another tiny little sketch of another original character. I imagine him as some sort of crazy, homicidal butcher.

Sailor Moon & Trunks

Every now and then I love to slip back in time and draw some fanart. Trunks, from Dragon Ball Z, on top and Sailor Moon down below.

Sketch Book Page 3-13-11

A full sketch page. There were enough individual drawings on this page that I liked, so I decided to show the entire page rather than cutting out what I did like (that’s code for: I am a  lazy ass). A nice mixture of life drawing (yes former classmates, this is why I was often staring at you like a stalker) and imagination craziness.

That’s all folks!




Decorate Your Feet!

Time for another post!

Below are two of my most recent shoe designs. The first is a high top Keds sneaker featuring a b&w photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. The second pair is imprinted with a downward view from one of the upper levels at San Jose’s city hall.


These two photographs can be found in their unadultered state in the portfolio section of this site.

Also, if you click the link “MRC@Zazzle,” to the right of this body of text, you can find alternative priniting options for the above images (posters, postcards, canvas prints, etc.) and various shoe designs embelished with more of my artwork .


Monkey’s Paw Teaser

Time for my very first “content” post! Huzzah!

Below you’ll find a lovely little “teaser” trailer for one of my current film endeavours. The film is written, directed, edited, funded, etc. by my friend, Chris Sprinkle, and it just happens to be his second attempt at making a short film!

I lend my creative talents towards the acting area of the film…that is to say, I’m an actor! This is definitely going to be the defining moment of my career, so if I were you…I’d stop reading this bullshit and watch the damn trailer.